Recapping the Weekend- Father's day Fun

Hi friends!  Happy new week!  Hope you had a great weekend celebrating the dads in your life if you have them or just celebrating life in general if you don't.  It was a weekend that was full of no plans that turned into plans for me.  Funny how that happens.  Linking up with the lovely Biana for weekending.

Friday after work we went to one of my favorite watering holes, the Rusty Nail, to say goodbye to my coworker Matt.  He is heading to law firm life and we sent him off with a proper government lawyer goodbye of shots and fun.  

So sad to see this guy go, especially to go back to billing hours! Glad I get to keep the rest of these clowns!
Saturday morning I went to Platform  with two of my high school besties to make up for skipping out 20 year reunion last weekend.  Toni was in from Alabama and had never been, she was sore the next day!  I needed it after all the beers the night before.

Saturday night was an unexpected night off of daddy duty for Gentleman Caller so we met up with some friends to check out the new tiki bar his friends opened up called Portside.    It was really cool and dark with fun drinks and music as a tiki bar should be!

I got the punch of the day, it was delightful.
After we had a nice dinner at Chais Delachaise, the place of our first date, and then went to an old favorite, Madigans, for some more fun.  

This guy kicked my butt at pool.  In my defense, it is the only time in life I am ambidextrous.  My first shot he asked if I was secretly left handed!
Sunday we went over to my grandparents' house on the Northshore and celebrated Father's Day.  As usual there was yummy food and some fun nostalgia!

My grandparents at their 30th anniversary.  We celebrated their 65th last year.
Guess which dish the family food blogger made? Ratatouille was so pretty and delish and coming your way soon!
I've taught my dad how to look in the right place for selfies finally!
Well the rain kind of ruined any outdoorsy fun like the grilling I planned to do but that gave me time to catch up on blogging!  I'm off the the Audi dealership this morning to see about a light that keeps coming on, wish me luck!

How was your weekend?  Hope it was fantastic!  See you tomorrow for more culinary adventures!

Happy Cooking!


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