Five For Friday-How is it August Already?!

HI friends!  Happy Friday!  Linking up with Andrea and Amanda for some Friday Love!  This has been a long week and I am ready for some low key weekending!


Work was crazy this week and it was also hard to get back to reality after the beach last weekend.  It was just a short Friday through Sunday trip, but so worth it!

My girls and me enjoying our last day!


We saw some dolphins in the water while there.  I did not know there was this new disturbing trend with them.    Guess we really need to not feed any wold animals, even cute little dolphins!


We started watching Castle Rock on Hulu this week and it is so good!  I love Sissy Spacek and love this little look into her preparation and experience for the role.  The first episode gave me a little stress, so don't watch it right before bed!


I really enjoyed riding the motorized scooters in San Diego.  Now they are coming to New Orleans.  I think this is a bad idea.  Most people come here to get drunk.  We also have terrible drivers that disobey crosswalk rules.  Oh and have you heard about our potholes?  There are going to be some black eyes and bruises everywhere!  Have you tried the scooters?  Are they in your town?


It was that kind of week, I don't have a five.  I am ready for tacos and ladies night tonight!  Guess that is my five, hee hee.  What do you have on tap for the weekend?

Whatever you do, I hope your weekend is fabulous and you have nice weather!

Happy Cooking,


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