Recapping the weekend, rainy fun

Hi friends, happy Monday!  Linking up with the lovely Biana for weekending and Lindsay et al for Hello Monday.  It rained all weekend.  I did not record much of my weekend but here is a pieced together recap!

On Friday my sister and some friends went to see some friends from college's band, Gradu at Southport Hall.  It was so fun, they played all of our old grunge favorites!  

Saturday was Pure Empower, errands, making Jambalaya for the Loyola Delta Gamma's and a fabulous date night with my man.  He surprised me with flowers and we walked to the so romantic Cafe Degas.  I did not take one pic!

Well, I did take one at Pure Barre!
Sunday was Yoga, purging and making dinner for my friend who just had a baby.  She had a much fancier dinner than me.  I made them a roast chicken with veggies and I just had clean out the fridge tacos!

Well, they were very good tacos!
I hope this week is calmer than last, work and life were crazy.  Also, please keep my sweet neighbor in your thoughts, her husband passed away very unexpectedly Friday at the age of 44.  She needs some love.  How was your weekend? 

Happy Cooking!


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