Five for Friday-It's been a busy week!

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  Linking up with the lovely Amanda at Meet at the Barre and the wonderful Andrea at Living at Cloud Nine.  It has been a long week and next week is going to be longer.  I am ready for the weekend!


I had plans every night this week, except for last night so I got a much needed massage at the lovely Woodhouse.  It was so divine, I feel not so old again! 

What was I up to? Monday: Trivia night.  Tuesday: Charlies Steakhouse to celebrate my friend Jen finishing grad school! Wednesday: Stella and Dot party.  There was too much wine so I would buy stuff hee hee! 

That's a nice piece of meat!

Tonight, one of my book clubs is doing a mask party.  We are trying out the Hanacure masks.  Have you tried this?  Should I do a post on it?


The Saints played last night and with that, we have the debut of our first male Saintsation!  I personally love it!  This is a good step as the last news about our  dance team was not so nice!


Remember how all the stuff I wanted from the Nordstrom sale was sold out?  Well lo and behold, the booties I was lusting after are back in stock.  Part of me wanted to avoid looking and giving in, bit I couldn't help it and bought them at full price.  I wish I could get revenge on them but...


In coping with my breakup a few years ago and helping a friend through one now, I know this article is true...Acceptance and the high road are way better than revenge.  And in reality, when life hands you something you don't want and you continue living your best life anyway, isn't that the best revenge?

Well there you have it!  I have lots of pool time this weekend to gear up for the school zones and traffic that come with school being back in, and a slew of meetings.  What do you have on tap?  Whatever it is, I hope it is glorious!

Happy Cooking!


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