Watch for those errant peppers! (Double serrano watermelon bites)

I hosted book club recently and wanted to have a light and healthy spread.  I stumbled across these perfect bites from Cooking Light and knew I had to make them!  They screamed summer and lady like!

I will tell you to make a little sample of your peppers when you make these just in case.  I went with lower heat Anaheim peppers and one of them was either weirdly hot, or someone mixed in a jalapeƱo by accident at my grocery store. Some people's mouths were on fire! But the other half was just perfection!  A regular old bell pepper may be delightful as well if you aren't a heat person.

This is so easy and so yummy I didn't even montage it.  Just cut, wrap, stack, and drizzle!  These would be perfect by the pool, for a happy hour or for a dinner party!  You must try them.  

Double serrano watermelon bites
You can almost tell some are darker and probably hotter!

Double Serrano watermelon bites Adapted from Cooking Light

1 pound seedless watermelon, cut into 16 (2-inch) cubes
2 ounces thinly sliced serrano ham, cut into 16 strips
1-2 serrano or aneheim chile, cut into 16 slices (use bell pepper if you don't like spice)
Store bought balsamic glaze such as this
2 teaspoons thinly sliced fresh mint

Wrap each watermelon cube with 1 ham slice; top each with 1 chile slice. Place on a serving platter. Drizzle evenly with balsamic glaze; sprinkle with mint. Serve immediately.

Happy Cooking!


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