Five for Friday-Cheers to the end of a long week!

Hello Weekend!  Hope everyone had a great week!  I am linking up with The lovely Amanda and some other fabulous ladies for Friday loves.  Show them some love and visit!


Now for what has been on my radar this week, which apparently has been not that exciting...


Women's dv Tia Espadrilles
These shoes.  I am sure you have heard about them enough, but if you haven't, run do not walk to Target and get them.  They are so cute, so in style and so damn comfortable.  I cannot recommend them enough.  I am lucky to have gotten mine for free.  They run a little small  and my sister couldn't fit in the size she ordered and gave me the smaller size.  Score!


This book y'all.  If you are into a deep character study, healing old wounds, a long yarn of a tale and beautiful writing, this book is for you.  I will warn you, I cried my eyes out, but that is due to some of the subject matter making me reopen old wounds.  It was a good, needed cry anyway!  This was my "serious" book club's book.  They have been picking some serious tear jerkers lately! Read it, it is so good!


Now that I have read that, I can move on to my "fun" book club's book, Eating The Cheshire Cat: A Novel.  I am hosting so I have to plan the menu around it.  The girls have been reading already and I it has been suggested to me to serve spiked punch, "finger" sandwiches and booty cake. Should be an interesting read indeed. Last book club we had a glitter party after reading about a drag queen so I hope this time will be at least as half as fun!


I am beyond excited to have NOTHING to do on Sunday for once. Well,  I mean out of the house things to do.  On the agenda: smoking a pork butt and ribs for Hogs for the Cause practice, cleaning out the closet, paring down work out clothes, organizing my jewelry and getting the house in order. And maybe finally getting started on House of Cards, Fuller House or something else fun on Netflix. Suggestions?

I'm thinking of trying out this protein powder.  I make a green smoothie every morning and I am almost out of my usual powder and am looking to try a new one.  Have you tried this one?  Or do you have a recommendation?  I like vegan and all natural personally, meaning no soy or whey!  Help me out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I will see you Monday back with a food post unless the weekend is fun and documented enough to recap it.

Happy Cooking!


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