Five for Friday, a day off for me!

Woot it is the weekend and I am off today!  Looking forward to a hippity hoppity Easter Weekend! Hope you all enjoy your holiday!  Linking up with Amanda and the other ladies below for Five for Friday!



Not happy about this one.  I got scheduled for 2 week jury duty right when I was planning my birthday road trip.  Unfortunately that reads planning, not planned, I hadn't booked it yet.  So I hurried and booked a flight to cut the trip short and will beg the judge to let me out the last day.  Who would want a lawyer on their jury anyway...not me!

I got a sample of this Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum and I am loving it! My face feels so good when I wake up and I have a noticeable difference in wrinkles.  I am going to be sad when I am done with it because I am not sure it is in my budget.


I'm trying Plated next week for the first time.  My friend sent me a free week and since I am doing way to much to prepare for Hogs for the Cause, I thought I would take a break from meal planning and shopping.  Although of course I will still blog about it!  Have you tried it?  I plan on trying Blue Apron soon too!


My pup Ginger got another round of teeth pulled at the vet last week.  She has had 21 total teeth pulled and the vet said i really needed to get serious if she wants to keep her teeth.  My friend's mom suggested Petsmile.  You don;t have to brush!  Ginger freaks out if you try to brush her teeth so I just put some of this on a cotton swab, put it where I can in her mouth and she does all the work! Hopefully we can save what is left of her teeth!


Thumbnail Image of Color Swatch 5767 Image of Floral Jacquard Riviera Shorts with 4" Inseam

I took a mental health day this week to get a massage, have a nice lunch and do a little in store browsing.  It was heavenly.  I popped into the Loft for the first time in ages (I used to work there while I was waiting on my first lawyer job!) and picked up these super cute shorts!  They look so cute on!  Everything is on sale over there, check it out!  

What is happening with you, what are your Easter plans?

Happy Cooking!


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