I tried it and liked it, a review of Pure Barre Platform

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If you did not already know, I am a Pure Barre junkie.  I used to just be a "gym rat" for any kind of exercise, but nothing hooked me like Pure Barre. The results were unreal (2 inches down in my lower stomach after just 10 classes!)  I started Pure Barre in January of 2015, and finally quit my regular gym in March and went to Pure Barre only.  I have kept it up, going an average of 5 days a week and have lost and kept off a lot of inches!

250 classes in less than a year!
I was missing cardio though.  It was just like when an old lover that sneaks back in your mind when you think about things with your rose colored glasses on.  I remembered sweating wistfully, however I quickly regained my senses. I knew I need to to carry on and stick to Pure Barre and not sign up for a half marathon, I hate running and it didn't give me what Pure Barre did!  And then Pure Barre read my mind! Enter the Platform class.

I have been trying to get into a class for weeks.  Anytime they would open one at a convenient time it would fill up instantly!  I signed up for the 9:45 class this past Saturday two weeks ago and I was #1 on the waitlist.  I kept hoping and wishing someone would drop out.  And someone finally did on Thursday!

According to Pure Barre,  Platform is a new fast-paced class designed to optimize cardiovascular results and increase total body strength.  I thought that sounded simple enough as I used to do HIIT workouts  and Body Combat all the time.  HIIT kind of prepared me for this, but this was still unlike any class I had ever done.  Here is the recap of my Platform experience.

I got to class early like they say to do.  I had gone out the night before and was regretting that last glass of wine the night before.  The instructor asked if I had eaten and I said no. (I never can eat before a morning workout) She grabbed me and marched me to the front desk and made me eat crackers. It made me even more nervous!  

The warm up began and it was fine, it felt weirder than when they change the choreography, but nothing too off the beaten path of regular Pure Barre.  The weight portion was a little more challenging, and doing push ups with your feet on the platform is a lot harder than a regular push up. Having the cool down and stretch after was much needed.  Thighs were hard, but somehow my old lunge and squat muscles remembered how to act after a year. You do big moves, then smaller moves, nothing too weird.  Then you start the speed it up part.  I have never felt so ridiculous in my life.  I felt so uncoordinated.  I sweat my patootie off.  

Next was seat.  It was fine.  The jumping part makes you feel so strong and powerful.  Then you feel ridiculous again doing side crunches at a fast pace.  And finally seat was over.  But no, I was wrong, there was even more seat to be had!  It was familiar as it was very similar to a regular Pure Barre exercise, just faster.   Abs are hysterical.  The instructor even laughed. Bigger tucks at a fast pace are just downright funny. I have to say, I thought this was easier than regular abs, I missed my shake.  

I forgot my fitness tracker as I had a bit of a crazy morning (my car was broken into the night before, no worries, nothing was taken) but I know I burned a lot more calories  than a regular barre class.  I was very sweaty as you can't see because I refuse to put that pic on the blog!

I had a yoga class already scheduled for that day so I think that helped in my not being very sore the next day.  Others have said they were very sore.  Bring a towel, you will sweat a lot! And make sure you have water, you will need it!  Have you tried this class?  What are your thoughts if you have?

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