Five for Friday, whew!

This was a long week.  Pure Barre every morning (except today, I had an appointment) a crazy day at work every day, a social event every night except one being canceled by rain and lots of other stuff,  I am happy the weekend is here!  Linking up with Some fabulous ladies including the ones beleow and Amanda, click on over and send them some love!



Killing it in the Pure Barre Challenge again this year!  Also If you didn't catch my platform class post, catch it here.  I was so happy to finally get into a class. It is so popular I don't think I will get to do another one until next Saturday!  Has anyone tried it?  What is your favorite workout?


I discovered a great new app this week called Phoodie.  It is like Instagram for just food, but you can also list the recipes.  It may streamline my blogging although I haven't shared recipes yet.  I am loving it.  If you join, give me a follow and I'll follow back.  My username is missyquiggs as usual.  


It is Founder's Day for my sorority, Delta Gamma,  this weekend.  I am going to be slated as President as I previously shared.  I am so nervous, yet excited.  It will be great to see sisters young and old all together to celebrate lifelong friendships and doing good!
My DG girls are the best!  


It is the St. Patrick's Day celebration in New Orleans this weekend!  I am probably having to skip out Saturday but Sunday I get to see my extended family and celebrate my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary!  What a milestone!  I also get to remember the fateful St. Patrick's Day of 2008 when I was hit in the head with a cabbage thrown off a float (they have since banned this practice) and ended up with a concussion and a scar.


Hogs for the Cause is almost here!  We had a well attended fundraising Happy Hour last night at the Rusty Nail. We had a well attended donation based yoga class last weekend as well. I have been practicing smoking meat and perfecting the other entries.  I want to do a blog post on it, but I am usually busier than a one armed paper hanger and can't snap pics or make mental notes like I usually do. We may not be meat smoking champions but we are the only smoking hot all female team!

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