Leftovers make a Fusion dish (philly cheesesteak style spring rolls)

I was searching around for something to do with my leftover rice paper wrappers from Hogs for the Cause practice.  As you may have noticed, I can never let anything go to waste.  I was trying to think of something creative so as to not do the same old boring thing.  Not that spring rolls aren't delicious, I just wanted to use them in a unique way.

I was thinking of making a chicken parmesan spring roll, but I thought the sauce would be too much on the inside of the wrapper.  Now that I have made these, I think I will try a chicken parmesan one, but make the red sauce a dipping sauce and not put it on the inside.  Who doesn't love a dipping sauce?  

I just decided to do a Philly Cheese steak style.  It was interesting, easy and delicious.  I grew up on getting a version of a philly cheese steak every time we went to the mall when I was young.  My mom always love the Steak Escape  or whatever the version of it they had at the Esplanade Mall  (it's currently called Philly Dat Up) and she didn't want to wait in line with us for other places (my personal fave was Taco Bell) so we had to eat what she ate.  I grew to love it and now it is a personal comfort staple.  We have a cheesesteak place here close to my house and every now and again I pop in for one. Next time I make this I will have to make a dipping sauce for it, maybe a hot cheese wiz! Try this out for lunch one day or for a party appetizer.  Full recipe after the montage.

So simple and delicious!

Halve your onions.  They look kinda funny...
Slice into half moons.  Try not to slice your fingers into them.
Caramelize the onions and then throw in the peppers.
Throw on your roast beef to get a little heat on it,but not too much, it's already cooked.
Assembly line time!
Get your rice paper wet in some warm water to make it more cooperative.

You can't really tell in this pic but it is pliable now.
Load it on up with Philly style goodies.
Roll it on up and enjoy!  I don't have a microwave but I would have popped it in there for a few seconds if I did to melt the cheese a little.
Philly Cheese steak spring rolls

Rice paper wrappers (2-3 per person)
1/2 deli sliced roast beef
Provolone cheese
one onion sliced into half moons
one green bell pepper sliced into strips

Optional dipping sauce ideas:
Cheez whiz
garlic aioli

Caramelize your onions in a tbsp. of oil on a non stick pan over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.  Add bell peppers for another 5 minutes to heat.  While they are cooking, place warm water in a shallow bowl.  Dip rice paper wrappers in the water and move around to moisten and make more flexible, almost the style of plastic wrap.place a slice of roast beef, half a piece of Provolone and a bit of onions and peppers into each wrapper.  Roll up burrito style by flipping one long side over, folding in the ends and then rolling the long side all the way up.  You can eat as is, steam them a bit if you are feeling fancy or throw in the microwave for a spin.  Serve with dipping sauce of your choice or none at all.

Happy Cooking!


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