Five for Friday! March is here!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday! This week was long, ready for another fun filled weekend with friends, family and food! I am linking up with the Five for Friday ladies and Amanda for some fun!  Click on their links and share the love!

Bright on a Budget 


I got to be there when my little sister joined the 250 club at Pure Barre! Meaning she has now taken 250 classes and 13,750 minutes of Pure Barre. I am so proud of her and still can't believe she let me beat her to 250 club in December.  I have been an exercise junkie my whole life and she has not.  She tried Pure Barre and was hooked!  She looked so good after 6 months, I decided to try it out, and hooked myself!  Over a year later, I've lost 10 pounds and almost 20 inches all over!  I cannot thank her enough for introducing me to it!

Thanks  Pure Barre New Orleans and Metairie Road!!
Speaking of Pure Barre...I am so excited to finally try the new Platform class for the first time this weekend.  Anyone try it already?  I plan to have a full recap post next week.  If you want to know what a barre class is like, read this post from Amanda I read when I started.  It helped! As you see from my results I told you about above and in my increased confidence if you know me in person, it is life changing! (No one paid me to say this but sometimes I wish they would!)


Seriously. But only if it isn't unwanted or creepy.  Which is all I seem to get these days!  Also yes,  I have had exactly one Girl Scout cookie so far and trying really hard to keep it that way. #thestruggleisreal


How did it take me until this week to hear about the It works crazy wrap people?  No one in my Facebook feed sells them but my girlfriends' all have some that do and we got into a conversation about it this week and I was intrigued. Like not in a good way.  I am not a fan of that kind of pyramid selling stuff to begin with, (having a blog is different, don't call me hypocritical!) but this is unreal. Have you heard of this? Anyway the point of this is to share the hysterical photo that came out of that conversation.

I am hosting both of my book clubs in April, eek! Luckily I only have to read one book and host at my house only once. (the other one I get to host an activity)  Looking forward to reading this one!  It sounds like The Help, only funnier. Read along with us! I plan on making some yummy southern staples for that one!

That's what I got.  What have you got?  Hope everyone has a niece relaxing and or fun weekend! Cheers!

Happy Cooking!


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