Five for Friday Bye July!

Hey y'all happy friday!  I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif/Katie/ Caitlin/Della for High Five for Friday! This summer is flying by!  I cannot believe in is almost August!  I've got lots of end of summer travels coming, so excited!  Here's Five for Friday!


Well this is a good story! It looks like all those Ice bucket challenges really worked!  All that money led to scientists being a little bit closer to being able to treat the horrible disease!  To celebrate, Here's my ice bucket challenge video!  I look like I am smelling something rotten, huh?  Ginger is barking in the background, she felt bad for me!


I am getting a facial after work!  I have not gotten one since April I am so long overdue!  Hopefully She will think my skin has improved since the last time I went!  She gave me some remedies, including using the Vitamin C serum I rave about and I really think they are working!


I have not cooked anything in my new kitchen since I moved in.  It feels weird.  I had plans every night this week so I just haven't needed to cook.  I cannot wait to get in there and get some new posts going, I like to have a few in my bank and I am running low!


I finally saw someone playing Pokemon Go at work this week.  I still don't quite understand it, but watching my coworker maze through our law library gave me a pretty good idea of how it works. Are you playing this?  


The roommate did not have cable at the house so I have officially cut the cord.  I am thinking of getting an antenna.  Does anyone here have one they like.  Have you cut the cord?  I will miss you HGTV and Food Network!  What should I be watching on Netflix?  I know I need to start Orange is the New Black!

How was your week?  What is on tap for the weekend?  Hope your Friday goes by fast and your weekend slow!

Happy Cooking!


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