It's my Blogiversary! One year down! C'mon to the Party!

Wow it has been a really long year!  As you know I started this because of having to severely downsize my living situation.  I am not living in that downgraded living situation now as of last weekend!  I am back in my beautiful historic home that I lived in when I first moved home from Texas and feel as though I have hit a restart button. It feels so amazing!  But don't worry, the house still doesn't have that nice of a kitchen so the blog and the name of it aren't going anywhere!

I am so proud of how far the blog has come.  It looks so much better around here.  (ooops I may have fixed that post!) I only wish I had a screenshot of it without the new template! I cannot thank Amanda enough for giving me some hugely insightful advice when I first started (and always) to help with that!! Speaking of, I am so grateful for her and all the other lovely ladies I have connected with via blogging. The community feeling is real and I have learned so much and severely upgraded my wardrobe. I feel like I know y'all and we have never met. I hope to change that very soon!

The blog has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me try new recipes.  It has made me a more well rounded cook since I can't eat the same thing all the time, and I have to actually measure stuff and remember how I make it.  I also have grown to love taking pictures and am eventually going to break down and get a DSLR camera.  And I am going to make pinnable images and switch to Wordpress and all those other things I want to do and never seem to have the time.

But most of all this has given me confidence.  That I can take on anything. That I can indeed get over what happened to me in 2015 and move on. That I can call out a company, get called a bitch on the internet and not care.  That I can make fish at home.  That I can go ziplining at 55 mph over a half mile gorge.   And it amazes me how many people I have not seen in ages or whom I would never think they would read my blog come up to me and say, "I love your blog" It makes me smile inside and out every time I hear it.  It makes me smile even more when someone recreates my dishes and tells me how much they like it.

I can't thank you enough all of you, my readers.  I want to share my love of cooking and food with the world and you help me do that.  Every  Facebook “like”, follower on Bloglovin, Pinterest and Instagram, and all the the likes, pins and comments on the recipes I’ve shared warms my heart like nothing else.  
This is the old kitchen, you will see the new one soon!
Happy Cooking!


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