Recapping the weekend

Hey readers!  How was your weekend?  Well my weekend of doing nothing but house stuff did not happen as planned but I did get a few loads to the new house thanks to my my pal Theresa and had a ton of fun and ate well as usual.  Let's hop on in and get right down to it!

Friday night I laid low with the pups on the porch at the "new" house.  Quotes because I lived there before and also am not officially moving in for two weeks.  We had some wine and some baked buffalo chicken tacos.  Recipe to come, thanks to Amanda for the inspiration!  If you follow me on snapchat (My username is missyquiggs) you could tell how geeked out I am to be living in the beautiful historic home I was living in before I threw caution to the wind for the ex and moved in with him.  It is going to be so good to be back to my old stomping grounds and out of the basement!

Lola and Ginger got along great, I even got to walk them at the same time!

I put this on Craigslist on Saturday and no takers yet.  I did the wine corks on top myself!
After bringing a load to the new house T and I hit up Sephora to get our birthday gifts
Saturday night my friend Monica and I went to a Punk Rock Luau at Boucherie.  Well the Old Boucherie.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! 

They had a drink truck with Tiki drinks.  The Painkiller was delicious!
The band played punk songs with ukeleles. It was very interesting.  As was the incorrect hula dancing.  I know this because Monica took hula lessons once!
Spam fried rice and pulled pork.  The rice was amazing.
Huli Huli chicken.  So good.  I saw them making it recently on Diners Drive Ins and Dives and I was wanting it!  Also pictured,  house pickled okra.  Good, but way too spicy!
We had to go inside because of the flies.  They were relentless.  Once inside, we met a new friend from Ohio and shot Tequila. I have family in Ohio and because of this, I always find Ohio people! Then they brought this out...

What is it you ask?
A roasted pig!
I had some pig and some grilled corn.  Everyone ate it like I thought you should eat it
We had some wine and cheese after at Oak.  And on the back porch after that.
I slept in after our big night and skipped pure barre.  It was the first time I have slept late in ages.  I was tired! Sunday I went with my friend Liz to a movie audition.  Her husband wouldn't let her go without a chaperone.  I volunteered my services and was so good at it, so was she hopefully!  After we went to brunch at Paladar 511. I have been dying to go, and I was so glad we went! 

The space was simply beautiful!
The bar was quite cool too.
I got a pizza with gruyere, collard greens, applewood bacon and yard egg.  Holy Cow!
Liz got the Korean beef short ribs with fried rice.  So good!
I recaulked the bathtub at the "new" house after that (randomly a favorite thing of mine to do) and then went to sunset yoga at the Tchoup Yard.  It was so beautiful! Pottery Bern , aka Maureen, and I went just to check it out and are now hooked.  They are doing it all month and I plan on partaking every time!
It was an all levels class and so fun to do it outdoors with spectators!
Reminds me so much of the Friendly Spot in San Antonio, one of my favorite travel places!
I had an All Day IPA and Pottery Bern had a margarita to reward ourselves for all our hard work!
Ah summer, you are so great despite your oppressive heat!  I feel like fall is so close!  Football and more porch time acoming! How was your weekend?  Let me know!  See you tomorrow with more food!

Happy Monday!


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